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From Bench To Bedside takes the listener on a journey through the history of diseases, medical discovery, and modern therapeutic development. The field of medicine and science are inextricably intertwined. PhDs are indeed the first "doctors" predating MDs by hundreds of years. As the body of knowledge has grown the specialties have necessarily diverged but are reliant on each other for translation of science into medical treatments. Host Dr. Melanie Matheu (PhD) highlights the stories of scientific and medical collaboration that have brought us the breakthroughs of the past and discusses the ones we will need in the future.  that h

From Bench to Bedside does not give medical advice and the views of the host are solely her own. 


Melanie Matheu, PhD


Dr. Melanie Matheu is a PhD trained Immunologist with cross-disciplinary experience in molecular biology, chemistry, physiology, and biophysics.

Melanie discovered the power of teaching science through social media during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of educating people on viruses, vaccines, and immune responses. Dr. Matheu is also an entrepreneur, author of multiple publications, articles, and book chapters, and inventor holding multiple US and international patents. 

No opinions held by or statements made by Dr. Matheu in the Bench to Bedside Podcast represent Prellis Biologics, Inc. or any other employer and are not medical advice.

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